Equip your Spa Pool with Wifi

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Equip your Spa Pool with Wifi

Spa Pools are luxury products designed to provide your own private relaxation station. One thing that’s not relaxing or luxurious is having to physically go to your spa and use the touch panel to make any desired changes. Fortunately, we have a product ready to remove almost every aspect of mundanity from your soaking experience. The SpaNET Smart Link WiFi Module is an extraordinary product that streamlines Spa Pool control from the convenience of your smartphone!

Your Touch Panel at Your Fingertips

Imagine you’re on the way home from an exciting day on the ski field and nothing is more enticing than the thoughts of climbing into your luxurious 40°C Spa Pool. Then you remember the unfortunate fact you left it set to only 35°C! With our SpaNET wifi module, you can simply open up your SpaLink app and bump up the temperature. By the time you get home, your desired water temperature has been reached! This intelligent technology keeps your touch panel functions at your fingertips, from setting filtration times, putting the Spa into rest mode, or selecting power save settings.

Power Saving Made Easy

SpaNET’s Smart Link app helps you make power-saving decisions by providing an easy to use interface for adjusting your operational settings. With the ability to adjust on the fly, the app can culminate in serious savings through setting your water heating time frame to a free power hour, or regulating your Spa at a reasonable temperature to minimise the amount of heating required before your soak. If you've gone away for a week and forgot to put your spa in an 'away' mode, your Smart Link app is there to save the day.

Get Feedback From Your Spa Pool

One less considered benefit of this intelligent product is Spa Status updates. In the unlikely event your Spa Pool encounters an issue, you will be alerted in real-time. No more opening up the lid of the spa pool only to find there was a power-cut the night before and water's gone cold!

Should your Spa Pool require a technician repair, the Smart Link app can be used as an incredibly helpful tool for the technician to diagnose the issue. This intelligent piece of tech will seamlessly put your Spa technician in touch with a SpaNET expert for advanced technical support which could significantly reduce the time and cost associated with your Spa Pool fix.

Wifi Module Requirments & Installation

All you need to get set up with this groundbreaking system is a smartphone, your home wireless router and a SpaNET SV-Series controller. Fortunately, the majority of Alpine Spas currently in the market are already fitted with a compatible SpaNET controller, but be sure to contact us if you're unsure.

Installation is easy! You'll simply plug in the Smart Link module directly into the convenient WiFi slot provided in your (SpaNET) spa pool controller and mount the module on the outside of your spa pool panels. Once installed, you can simply download the Spa Link application onto your smartphone and connect it to your Spa Pool.