Extend your Spa Cover's Lifespan with a Cover Lifter

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Extend your Spa Cover's Lifespan with a Cover Lifter

As we all know, keeping your Spa Pool’s cover in great condition is a crucial aspect of keeping your power bill as low as possible. However, carefully removing and placing your cover somewhere safe can be afterthought amongst the excitement of climbing into your Spa’s enticing warm water. Fortunately, we’ve designed a product specifically designed to combat that issue. In this article we will give you an overview on how our Cover Lifters operate and the incredible benefits they offer.

Common Cover Damage

When you’re after a sweet slice of solitude in your Spa, you can find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of needing to lift the heavy cover off the Spa, all on your own. This situation can often lead to the cover being slid off the top of the Spa and landing on the ground where all sorts of damage can occur. If the leather on your cover is scratched or significantly damaged, you are unfortunately now left with a compromised Spa cover that is going to retain less and less of your Spa Pool’s heat over time, leading to a painful monthly power bill.

The Spa Supplies Solution

To combat this common issue, we have created Spa Pool Cover Lifters. These intelligent products ensure your Spa Cover never needs to touch the ground, while also making it incredibly easy for you to remove the cover or put it back on the Spa, all on your own!

How Our Cover Lifters Work

Our Cover Lifters are super easy to install and they essentially swing up and down from one side of your Spa. When your cover is folded in half, the rotating arm of our cover lifter slides into the fold channel (the middle of the Cover) of your Spa’s cover, meaning when you fold the cover in half, you can simply swing it over the side of your Spa and it will hold the cover above the ground on your chosen side of the Spa.

Our Cover Lifters come in three different variations, meaning we have an option to suit nearly every Spa Pool on the market. If you’re unsure which model is right for you, get in touch with our experts today and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.