Keeping your Spa Pool Sanitised

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Keeping your Spa Pool Sanitised

Making sure your spa pool water remains clean, clear, and inviting is a key aspect of protecting your spa pool and yourself. The more your spa pool is used, the more bacteria will end up in the water - thankfully we have chlorine to help us kill this bacteria and keep it as far away as possible. To put it simply, chlorine works by splitting itself into two molecules and attaching one to the bacteria, which it oxidises into oblivion, before reattaching itself back to the other chlorine molecule. You are probably familiar with the pungent smell chlorine can produce.. Interestingly, this smell will present itself when there is not enough chlorine in the water - the molecules have oxidised the bacteria, but have nothing to connect themselves back on to, they can’t complete the process. This means there is more bacteria than chlorine in your water.

Chlorine advantages:

  • Easy to find and relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to measure out and add to your spa pool
  • It’s an aggressive bacteria killer

Combatting Contaminants

There are many variables at play when it comes to your water’s chemistry. For example, there is going to be a large discrepancy in contaminants entering your pool from two bathers who have just been exercising, as opposed to a couple who have showered before entering.

Whenever someone is relaxing in the spa, they are unintentionally adding contaminants to the water, such as; body oils, soaps, shampoos, etc. If your spa pool is equipped with an automatic sanitisation system, like an ozone generator and/or a U.V system, these powerful components will eliminate a large portion of bacteria that finds its way into your water. However, bacteria multiply quickly and can get into hard-to-reach places like deep in your spa pool’s pipes. This is why it’s important for you to help these systems along by adding chlorine.

Measuring and Adding Chlorine

Our chlorine comes in granular form in a 1KG tub, to be measured by either capful or teaspoon (and mixed in a bucket of fresh water when possible) before you add it into the spa water and run the pumps so it can circulate all the way through the spa pool’s pipes. We recommend adding a dose of chlorine after each use of the spa. Dosing measurements for your spa pool can be found in section 3, page 21 of our water care guide.

Please get in touch with our helpful and friendly customer service experts if you have any further questions about using chlorine. For all spa pool owners, chlorine is an ongoing necessity, so make sure you never run out by subscribing to the product on a term of your choice. Subscribers will save 25% on the total cost, with the option to cancel anytime.