Protecting your Spa Pool Investment

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Protecting your Spa Pool Investment

Investing in a spa pool is a decision that brings enjoyment and well deserved relaxation to your life. However, as much as we would love spa pools to be a ‘set and forget’ oasis, they do require some care and and attention to keep them running smoothly. While your spa pool owners manual outlines all of the care required, we’ve highlighted a few key steps we believe are most important to ensure your spa pool lasts the test of time.

Water Care for Longevity

Proper water care is not only essential for the comfort and safety of bathers but also crucial for protecting your spa pool's internal components. Regularly testing and balancing the water in your spa is a fundamental part of maintenance. This ensures that the chemical levels are within the recommended range, preventing issues like corrosion, scale buildup, and the growth of harmful bacteria.

Water testing helps maintain the right pH and sanitizer levels, which not only safeguards the spa but also ensures that bathers can enjoy a clean and safe environment. Follow the guidelines in your Water Care Guide for recommended testing frequency and how-to information.

Using Approved Products Only

Using approved and genuine spa products is another key element in protecting your spa pool investment. The wrong chemicals or low-quality products can wreak havoc on your spa's internal components, potentially causing costly damage and voiding warranties. For instance, when it comes to sanitizing your spa, using the right type of chlorine or other approved sanitizers is crucial. Substituting with the wrong chemicals (accidently choosing swimming pool chlorine for example) can not only be ineffective but will damage that is not covered by your warranty. At Spa Supplies, we recommend using Genuine Alpine Spas products to ensure your spa pool's longevity and to maintain your warranty coverage.

Regular W.O.F Checks

Warrant of Fitness style checks play a vital role in protecting your spa pool's longevity. Just as you'd take your car in for regular inspections to ensure it's running smoothly, your spa pool also needs periodic examinations. Refer to your spa pool owner's manual for the recommended schedule, typically quarterly.

During these checks, key components inside the spa pool cabinet are inspected to identify any issues or wear and tear. This proactive approach allows you to address problems before they escalate into more significant and costly damage. Regular WOF checks help keep your spa in optimal condition and extend its lifespan.

Don't forget your Spa Cover!

Additionally, don't forget to include your spa cover in your maintenance routine. Check your owner's manual for guidance on cleaning and airing the cover to prevent it from becoming waterlogged, which can impact its effectiveness and lifespan. You'll also want to regulary apply a U.V inhibiting vinyl spray such as 303 Aerospace Protectant to keep it looking fresh and stop it from fading.