Maximising your Spa with a Quality Controller

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Maximising your Spa with a Quality Controller

Spa Pools in the 21st century are highly technical machines with a laundry list of functionality. All of these functions are driven by the Spa Pool’s brain and nerve centre, known as the controller. This essential item controls all other equipment and components within the Spa, ensuring things like jets, heaters, and filtration are operating as you need them to be. However, Spa Pool controllers can occasionally cause headaches when they come to the end of their life. Finding a replacement circuit board or topside control panel that will be compatible with your existing componentry can be difficult and confusing.

Key Considerations for a New Controller

There are a few things to consider when preparing to replace your Spa Pool’s controller. Number one is to determine what type of controller and heater your Spa has previously been using. If your Spa is set up with a SpaNET controller and heater, we strongly recommend looking to replace that controller with a new SpaNET controller as this will significantly reduce your need to make changes to your Spa’s plumbing. The brands you’re most likely to come across within New Zealand are SpaNET, Davey, or Balboa, and replacements for all of those branded controllers are available here. Fortunately, many modern Spa Pool controllers come with a heater provided all in one unit, meaning you don’t need to worry about ensuring your existing heater will be compatible with your new controller.

The second consideration for you to make is whether the new topside control panel and heater will physically fit into place within your Spa’s existing pipework. If your new topside is significantly smaller or larger, you may need to purchase an adapter for the topside control panel to ensure it can operate effectively.

The final consideration for you to be sure of, is whether your new chosen controller can service all of your Spa’s pumps.

Spa Supplies Controller Recommendation

Here at Spa Supplies we strongly recommend SpaNET controllers, which are backed by continuous research and development out of Australia. Their newer SV system controllers feature dynamic thermal tuning which is an incredibly intelligent piece of technology. This essentially lets the Spa monitor and learn your habits around Spa Pool usage. It culminates in the elimination of unnecessary on/off cycling of the filtration pump to provide significant savings on your power bill while still maintaining your desired water temperature.

If you’re not sure which control system may be right for you and your Spa, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We have the knowledge and are more than willing to assist you.