Importance of a Quality Spa Pool Cover

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Importance of a Quality Spa Pool Cover

A quality Spa Pool cover is crucial for retaining your Spa Pools heat and keeping your monthly power bill minimised. Alongside saving your hard-earned dollars, a functional Spa cover will keep bacteria and unwanted bugs out of your Spa, letting you keep your water safe and clear. In this article we will cover some common causes for Spa Pool cover degradation, as well as tell-tale signs it’s time for a new cover.

Common causes for Spa Cover Degradation

A quality Spa Pool cover should last up to two years, depending on how regularly and effectively it’s treated and cared for. Along with being constantly exposed to the harsh elements of rain and UV rays, covers can often end up on the ground when they are removed from the Spa. This can result in scuffing of the cover leather which compromises the cover’s ability to effectively retain heat, thus costing you more on your monthly power bill. If the leather of your Spa Pool cover has been damaged or compromised by any means, you should consider a replacement as it will save you dollars in the long run. One last measure you can take to ensure your cover never needs to end up on the ground is considering a Cover Lifter, which also makes it super easy to remove your cover without the help of a second person.

Helpful Spa Cover Products

Exposure to the elements is another unavoidable factor that will degrade your Spa Pool cover over time. This exposure can result in debris being left on the cover, along with stains and dirt that should be removed as promptly as possible. Our 303 Aerospace Protectant Spray is the world’s most effective UV screening product - the perfect product for removing the dirt and stains, while also restoring and maintaining your Spa cover’s original appearance.

Caring for Your Cover

It is also essential that you keep your Spa Pool cover removed after adding chemicals to your Spa water. The gas that can often be emitted while chemicals mix will severely degrade the underside of your Spa Pool cover, compromising its ability to retain heat. We strongly recommend leaving the cover off for 1 hour after mixing chemicals to allow this gas to escape into the open-air. Likewise, if your water chemistry is not quite right and you have highly acidic or basic water, this can cause damage to your cover, as well as internal components and headrests.

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