Say Goodbye to Spa Debris with our MagicVac

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Say Goodbye to Spa Debris with our MagicVac

Small residue in your Spa or Swimming Pool can often cause a hassle. Avoiding the arduous process of draining your water to clean small debris out of the has never been as easy as it is now. Our MagicVac Spa and Swimming Pool vacuum is here to take the leg work out of keeping your water clear and pristine.

Common Causes for Debris in the Spa

It’s very common for small debris to work their way into your Swimming or Spa Pool’s water. This can be due to bathers entering the water straight after being on sand, asphalt, or dirt. This leads to those unfortunate moments when you come to check on your Pool or Spa and spot small pesky pieces of debris stuck in the seat wells or on the floor of the pool.

Removing Debris from Internal Componentry

These debris can be problematic for your Spa or Pool’s internal components, with them being dragged through pipework, heating elements, and filters. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we recommend applying some Pipe Cleaner and then draining your Spa or Pool to do a pipe clean, and then thoroughly cleaning your filters in Filter Cleaner. After you’ve cleaned the inside of your Pool or Spa you can simply refill it with fresh water and the problem will be resolved.

Easy Fix for Spa Debris

However, avoiding this situation to begin with is a far more enticing option, which can now be achieved with ease thanks to our incredible new MagicVac Pool and Spa vacuum cleaner. This vacuum can extend to 2.16 metres to reach all of those cracks and crevases where small debris tend to hide. It is easily operated by placing your thumb over a small hole at the end of the vacuum’s handle and submerging it in the water where debris is present. When you remove your thumb a rush of water will fill the UV stabilised chamber and then you simply raise the vacuum back out of the water to allow water to drain out of the bottom of the chamber while the debris remains trapped inside. To clean the debris out of your MagicVac you simply unscrew the cap at the bottom of the chamber and you can rinse the unwanted leftovers out of the vacuum. This process will rid your Spa or Pool of sand, dirt, pebbles, and even small rocks.

Our MagicVac is a must-have for anyone keen to maximise the cleanliness and safety of their Spa or Pool water. It’s available here, along with the other cleaning products mentioned in this article. If you have any queries about any of these products, please get in touch with our experts via live chat or email.